The Roberts Boys

Less popular than the Baldwins


My god, John Cazale lives!"
Edward Norton


A presence to be reckoned with
Boston Phoenix


If I put the lotion on my skin will you let me out of this hole?
Claim to fame
I once used a garden trowel and a large glass of water to single-handily save a small village in the Amazon jungle from a ferocious horde of army ants.
Claim to fame
Jonno appeared in Bob Falls & Stacy Keach's KING LEAR (The New York Times said it was the greatest LEAR in memory, and since this is a brag-page we’ll let slip that VARIETY said Jonno's Edmund nearly stole the show)
Claim to fame
James once appeared on Shortland Street (NZ soap opera) in his underwear.
Karaoke Video Director
Loving father
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