One of the principal features and a must visit for visitors to the city of Barcelona is Sagrada Família (the unfinished cathedral). The architect and designer, Antoni Gaudí is regarded as being in the forefront of Biomimetic Architecture (inspired by nature).

Gaudi’s concepts were the basis for acclaimed Austrian painter and architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser’s, unique designs and style. In New Zealand, Hundertwasser is known for design of the famous Kawakawa toilets which attract many visitors a year to admire the unique design utilising texture and colour.

Common themes of Hundertwasser's designs was the rejection of the straight line "the devil's tools" and the use of bright colours, organic forms, a reconciliation of humans with nature with a strong individualism. Hundertwasser's use of irregular forms in his building design often featured undulating floors ("an uneven floor is a melody to the feet").

At Middle Earth Tiles we have been inspired by Hundertwasser and you can too using our tiles and Hundertwasser's inspirational designs of flowing lines and the use of bright colours utilizing our unique tiles and colours to create that special individual design. The following are examples of the Organic Tiling concept were Boneyard tiles could be utilised.

Project Examples