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verb: To talk constant crap
Hello and welcome to my little corner of the web.

About Me

Having won numerous awards and accolades for the sense of humour he brings to his shows Guy is one of New Zealand's hottest Creative Directors. He is known for his left-of-field ideas and being able to spit out more ideas than anyone else in a script workshop. He is right-handed.

"One sick puppy" -
Coming in Feb2014: Short Poppies
By the way, the Norton quote is real.

News in Briefs - About the show

The News in Brief was a 90sec comedy radio show that was played on over 80 New Zealand radio stations - and it was Guy's first paid work.
There are unfortunately just a few episodes on the website, as the others have been lost over time.
In fact Guy had to bribe the National Radio Archives just to track down these episodes for your pleasure.

Portfolio of Magazine Articles

I worked for Pulp Magazine as the film reviewer and occasional feature writer from October 2000 (Issue 20) till May 2006 (Issue 50). You will find here a selection of some of the crap that I wrote.
Das Komedie Juggernauts
Pulp Magazine
Issue 23, pages 48-49

Power of The Rings
Pulp Magazine
Issue 26, pages 110-111

Centre Stage
Pulp Magazine
Issue 43, page 40

The World's Fastest Indian
Pulp Magazine
Issue 47, pages 78-79

Feature Article:
TAKE Magazine is the official magazine of the New Zealand Film Directors Guild. For a trade magazine it is scary how popular it with the general public. They must stupidly think directing is sexy!
King of the World - Peter Jackson
TAKE Magazine, Summer 2005: Pg 12-15

Featured Nudie Photo

Need to lose weight?
Look at this sexy photo and you'll vomit for days...
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